A project by ENIAC JU


HEECS will take a green and modular approach.

Modularity involves splitting the microwave system into different modules – feeding, RF hybrid power board, RF signal conditioning board, thermal and packaging modules – and focusing on increasing the energy efficiency of each element.

The approach will be green because it will ensure that each module is improved and consequently the system as a whole is more  efficient than the current magnetron technology.

One major issue affecting current microwave efficiency is the strongly fluctuating load on the magnetron microwave source. This is a function of the type, volume and location of the food within the microwave cavity.

To handle the enormous load fluctuations, the microwave source is heavily over dimensioned. In addition, the path to the microwave cavity is very susceptible to energy losses. To overcome these drawbacks, the HEECS project team will investigate the adoption of new technologies and control techniques.