A project by ENIAC JU

Warsaw University of Technology

The Institute of Radioelectronics is a unit of the Warsaw University of Technology.

The Institute perceives its long-term mission in bridging the gaps between academia, industry, and society. This mission is broken into three measurable objectives: to provide teaching of contemporary societal relevance; to seek excellence in scientific research; and to run projects meeting the international standards.

The Institute has 92 employees which competence spans the broad field of radioelectronics, and includes electromagnetic and acoustic field theory, mathematical modelling of fields and circuits, electronic circuits and system design, signal processing, biomedical engineering, and measuring systems.

In HEECS, the key role will be played by the Microwave and Radiolocation Engineering Division directed by prof. Wojciech Gwarek.

The HEECS activities on the WUT side would be led by dr. Malgorzata Celuch, a known expert of computational electromagnetics. She will closely collaborate prof. Wojciech Gwarek dr. Wojciech Wojtasiak. It is planned that Ph.D. students would also be involved.

dr. Malgorzata Celuch