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Università degli Studi di Padova

At the Department of Electrical Engineering  a well established tradition exists of research in the field of Electroheat.

A great impulse to the research was given in 1969, when the Electroheat Laboratory was first established; its activity is evidenced today by more than 300 published papers.

The research activity today is generally devoted to the industrial applications of electroheat technologies but, in particular, on problems related to medium – and high-frequency induction heating and dielectric heating with special reference to RF and MW heating.

A close cooperation exists with manufacturers and users of electroheat equipment, in the frame of research contracts on specific research topics.

The Electroheat Laboratory is worldwide recognized as an excellent center for simulation of coupled electromagnetic and thermal problems for several applications. Official international cooperation agreements and personal contact link up the laboratory with the Institute ETP for Electrothermal Processes of Hanover University, the Electrotechnical University ETU of St. Petersburg, the State Technical University of Novosibirsk, the Engineering Faculty of UNESP – State University of Saõ Paolo, The Ecole de Technologie Superieure  – Montreal.

Among the international activities, in 1998 was organized the International Seminars IHS-98 – “Induction Heating”, in 2001 the HIS-01 – “Heating by Internal Sources – Induction, Dielectric, Conduction”, and in 2007 the HES-04 – “Heating by Electromagnetic Sources”.

Prof. Fabrizio Dughiero