A project by ENIAC JU

Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskola

Chalmers is the second largest University of Technology in Sweden with more than 11000 undergraduate and 1000 PhD graduate students currently enrolled.

The research relevant to this project is performed at the Microwave Electronics Laboratory (MEL), where currently three professors, 20 senior researchers, 25 PhD students, and two research engineers are involved in research on electronic components and circuits for applications from low GHz to THz frequencies.

Chalmers and MEL have established a very strong research position in wide bandgap device processing and high efficiency power amplifiers and transmitter architectures. This research is performed in close collaboration with major commercial industries.

This position is based on a strong connection to in-house devices processing, which not only give us access to unique devices but also gives us a detailed understanding for the device physics in novel circuit applications.

Prof. Christian Fager