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Bergh Hybrid Circuits BV

BHC-NL is a developer and manufacturer of heating elements, sensors and electronics this based on the Thick-film technology also called Hybrid technology.

BHC has also his activities as a EMS ( Electronic Manufacturing Services) for PCBA (Printed Circuits Boards Assembly) which focus on low and medium volume SMA (surface mounted assembly) and high-end high quality conventional electronics with or without housing.

With its vast experience in the field of thick-film technique (since 1986) BHC is capable of tackling many; mostly thermodynamic, power, frequency, miniaturization, light and sensing quests.

Challenges using solutions that stem from the specific knowledge gained form the development of the thick-film and PCBA technology. BHC masters all aspects and disciplines from CAD-design to complete end-product and does this in close cooperation with its customers.

Wim Schmitz